furry.gay is a "portfolio" platform for anyone who identifies as a furry, and as a part of the LGBTQ+ community.


Thank you for checking out our website!

We're trying to provide a LGBTQ+-accepting environment to make yourself a short "bio", or rather, portfolio.
The eventual plan is to provide a small "bio" page for every user; And, if we can spare the resources for it, a free e-mail account and subdomain.

A (planned) feature list can be found below.

(this list is subject to change, and nothing listed here is final)

- Social media links (like a GitHub, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc...)
- A short description of yourself
- Employment status / Information regarding your jobs
- Displaying your sexuality and gender on your profile (with a default list of flags, but custom ones as a possibility)
- "Interest patches", which can be selected to show your interests for certain topic, hobbies, etc..
- ...


Our infrastructure is owned by us. We run, control and manage the network, server and hardware this platform will run on.
Currently we're operating on infrastructure from Openfactory, which is a small independent internet provider in Switzerland.

Technical details

We're running under AS58299, have both a IPv4 ( and IPv6 (2a00:6340:2010:2800::244) address, automate HTTPS using Caddy and Let's Encrypt, and use Porkbun as our registrar, whose parent company is the registry behind the .gay TLD. (Thanks guys!)

We're still figuring out if the subdomain and e-mail account system is feasible to implement.

This project is run and operated by Tyrasuki, and is licensed under the MIT license.
This site is running on Caddy, and uses spectre.css as framework.
You can contact us at .